About Me

Lilah, Cake Artist


My Story

How amazing is it when a hobby turns into a flourishing business? That's exactly what happened to me. Affectionately called "Tutu" by my mother, I developed a love for creative baking at a young age. In high school I worked for Oteri's, a popular family-owned Philadelphia bakery which is where I developed my culinary passion for baking and the pastry arts. When the Food Nwtwork's reality show "Cake Boss" reined in popularity, I discovered that the skills showcased on Cake Boss strongly matched my cake decorating skills, especially when it came to fondant. Working with fondant reminds me of my childhood when I created awesome sculptures with Play-Doh. I began to bake meticulously decorated cakes for friends and family that were just as tasty as they were beautiful. In 2014 I was encouraged to start a cake decorating business to showcase my talents and fulfill my love for baking. I pull my creativity from many sources and will continue to develop my skill set to provide you with the best cakes money can buy!