Regular Cupcakes are $30.00 per dozen. These classify as simple cupcakes with buttercream (no decoration). Simple sprinkles/jimmies are $6.00 extra (per dozen).  One flavor per dozen. Fancy sprinkles are considered designer cupcakes. 

Edible images or Designer/Decorated cupcakes start at $48.00 per dozen. Price will vary depending on detail and decorations. One flavor per dozen.

Rainbow/Assorted color frosting cupcakes start at $48.00 per dozen.


Champagne Cupcakes If you love champagne and sweets these cupcakes are perfect for you! Champagne flavored cupcakes topped off with champagne flavored buttercream. Champagne cupcakes start at $45.00 per dozen. 

To place your cupcake order please email us at Please include a photo (if needed), your flavors, (ONE FLAVOR PER DOZEN) and any other details we will need to satisfy your order. Our contact form is ONLY for custom/designer cakes.