There is a minimum order of $100.00 for custom cakes. The smallest one tier custom cake that we offer is a 6" cake (serving 12 people).


If you have a budget that is under $100.00 we can only offer you a Bakery style cake or cupcakes




Regular Cupcakes are $30.00 per dozen. These classify as simple cupcakes with buttercream (no decoration). Simple sprinkles/jimmies are $6.00 extra (per dozen).  One flavor per dozen. Fancy sprinkles are considered designer cupcakes. 

Edible images or Designer/Decorated cupcakes start at $48.00 per dozen. Price will vary depending on detail and decorations. One flavor per dozen.  2d/3d fondant toppers or any fondant accents are all extra charge. 

Rainbow/Assorted color frosting cupcakes start at $48.00 per dozen.

Champagne Cupcakes If you love champagne and sweets these cupcakes are perfect for you! Champagne flavored cupcakes topped off with champagne flavored buttercream. Champagne cupcakes start at $45.00 per dozen. 

*Customers are welcome to email us photos of what they are looking for and I will reply with an estimated price point. Pricing varies depending on detail, decoration, and supplies needed to satisfy your order*

To place your cupcake order please email us at Please include a photo (if needed), your flavors, (ONE FLAVOR PER DOZEN) and any other details we will need to satisfy your order. Our contact form is ONLY for custom/designer cakes. 

Designer Cakes

Custom cakes start at $6.00 per serving and can go up to $25.00 per slice. Custom cakes are designed to your liking therefor each one is priced individually according to designs, flavors, and amount of servings.  Minimum order is $100.00


Sculpted/ 2D and 3D Cakes


Scuplted/3d cakes start at $12.00 per serving. Minimum order for a sculpted/3d cake starts at $250.00. 


Delivery or Pick up

Delivery starts at $25.00, subject to an additional fee depending on distance. You can also pick up your order in King of Prussia, PA. 

*Wedding cakes do not have the option of being picked up. Wedding cakes must be delivered .

Payments and Deposits 

Smash cakes (One year old birthday parties) 

Simple small smash cakes start at $25 and consist of only one layer. If you would like a smash cake that is taller you can order a bakery style cake. If you would like your smash cake to have a custom cake topper or custom decorations this is considered a custom cake and will start at $100.00

We require a 50% deposit to hold your date.  Deposits are non-refundable. PayPal, Cash App, Venmo, Square, and checks are accepted for payments. Deposit are due at the time of placing your order.  We do not accept cash.  Checks must be made out to Tutu’s Cakes, LLC.  Remainder balance is due 10 days prior to your party date